As a Learning Coach, I am someone who motivates, guides, and inspires another on the path to learning success. More than just a tutor, I focus on seeing the hidden potential within the student, which helps the student to discover it for themselves. I facilitate this process by using methods that are adapted to their needs. The teaching philosophies and methodologies used at Awakening Potential are the Constructivist and the Zone of Proximal Development models of learning, the Orton-Gillingham approach, as well as my own personal teaching approach, called “Building on Success and Chunking.” Awakening Potential For Learning Success and Awakening Potential For Writing Success are the two main programs used at Awakening Potential.

As a Learning Coach, I understand what the process of learning really is: Making connections and understanding concepts.  These two aspects of learning apply to all subjects and all areas of life, although their specific method of implementation may differ. I focus on the student’s strengths, creating lessons that set them up for success. Rather than seeing students as having weaknesses, I view them as having areas for future success. A challenging subject is simply an area that has not yet (but soon will) grow to its full potential. Everyone has the seeds of greatness in them, they just need to be watered so that they can grow!

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