Diversity is the most obvious thing on our planet, in our country, and in our day to day lives.  It is what makes life interesting and beautiful. Diversity can come in many forms, and I believe that it should be celebrated and encouraged.  In terms of education, this means two things: First, that every student has a unique background, upbringing, culture, and set of beliefs. Second, every student has a unique way of learning and understanding the world.  These two aspects of diversity come together in determining how they learn. For this reason, I teach my students in a way that is sensitive and responsive to their unique needs. This means using reading materials that are relevant and interesting to the student, and allowing them to express themselves openly and without judgement in their writing.  It also means addressing the students’ strengths in terms of how they learn. Using a multisensory approach to instruction for students with dyslexia and those with ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Processing and Memory Challenges is very helpful in this regard.