Reading Assessment

The reading assessment is based on the Awakening Potential For Learning Success Program. It involves having the student read various sounds and words to check for knowledge of phonetics and decoding skills.  Timed readings of text passages will be given to check for fluency. Comprehension questions will be asked to determine comprehension skills.

Writing Assessment

The student will be given a prompt and asked to respond either in the form of one or two sentences, an entire paragraph, or an essay (which of these formats will be used depends on the age and grade level of the student).  Then the writing sample can be assessed for areas such as use of word choice, transitions, organization, and conventions (capitalization and punctuation). The Awakening Potential For Writing Success Program will be used to address all of these areas.

Math Assessment

The student will be asked to solve a series of various sample problems (fractions, adding, algebra, etc).  The types of problems will be determined by the student’s age and grade level (unless a specific area of math skills is indicated or requested on the New Student Form).  Answers to these problems will allow for future lessons to focus on improving understanding of particular concepts by learning the appropriate skills and strategies.

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