A New Era of Learning

21st century learning is here, and I’m glad to be a part of it. Technology has changed our lives in so many ways, and education is no exception. We’ve come a long way- writing on clay tablets has evolved into chalkboards, then into smart boards and tablets.  Students who thousands of years ago may have read from parchment, can now have access to thousands of beautiful engaging books, all with a single tap on a screen. Although education has, and always will exist, the way in which learning happens is quickly changing. The use of technology has always been an integral part of the learning process, and it will continue to be in the future.  At Awakening Potential, technology is a valuable aid to learning, but it is not a replacement for the learning process itself, or for a qualified instructor (see note below).  Please click on the links near the bottom of the page to see how I use technology with my students.

**Technology, in and of itself, is not the solution to learning. As is always the case in the teaching process, it is the way in which the methods and tools are used by the instructor that will really determine how effective the instruction is. In the same way that a hammer will only be useful in the hands of a skilled carpenter, new technology will only be useful if it is used wisely and effectively by a knowledgeable teacher. In addition, the human element is crucial in the relationship between the student and the learning coach. Qualities such as patience, understanding, creativity, and encouragement can only be found in a qualified teaching instructor, such as a Learning Coach.

Technology for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners

Technology for Students with ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Processing and Memory Issues

My Favorite Apps to Use with Students

Brain-Training Educational Games