Take a look at what satisfied parents are saying about Awakening Potential:

Finding Jordan was one of those things in life where you think “where would we be without __?”
Being a dyslexic myself and making it through school somehow, I just didn’t feel like I had the means or tools to teach my Dyslexic son about phonics. Jordan wasn’t our first go at a tutor. We worked with a tutor the school brought in for the dyslexic students. The tutor was OG trained and worked with each student for 45 minutes every Friday. After months of paying an outrageous amount per session (the tutor was 85/45 minutes plus a driving fee) and not seeing ANY difference in our sons reading skills, we said no more! After one session with Jordan, I could see how well he managed to refocus my Son when needed and how excited he could get him about learning.
We have seen tremendous growth with my Son’s reading and also his writing. Also, my Son found a person who he admires. He often says when he grows up he would like to work with kids as Jordan does. Jordan will go above and beyond for your child and I don’t know of another tutor like that. Jordan is affordable, he is reliable, he is skilled, and he has good communication with the parents. We are so thankful to have found Jordan!
Erika W.

If you want results, contact Jordan Cromwell. After working with Jordan, my son’s CSAP test scores went from below proficient to advanced. Our son has dyslexia and had struggled with reading quite a bit. Fortunately, Jordan had the tools and temperament needed to make a significant difference in our son’s life.
-Susan S.

When the diagnosis came back for my 10 year old son, I wasn’t prepared: autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. To call him a reluctant reader and writer would be the understatement of the year. And then my son met Jordan. Somehow Jordan, a man of infinite patience, coaxed my argumentative child into learning all the phonetic sounds. Not only is my son almost reading and writing at grade level, but he’s having fun doing it. Jordan did more than just teach my child to read, he taught him a love of reading.
-Meggin L.

Jordan is very knowledgeable on the best methods to work with struggling students and very patient while working with them.  My son formed a great bond with Jordan and very much looked forward to his tutoring sessions. Jordan has the ability to connect with his students and make the learning process fun, all while helping his students develop the tools and strategies they need to be successful readers.  I have seen my son’s ability to read on his own greatly improve after his time with Jordan. My son’s self-esteem and confidence has also grown immensely during this time. I have been very pleased with the progress my son has made working with Jordan and would recommend him as a tutor for your child.
-Jennifer Y.

Jordan has been an invaluable resource for our son!  Our son has made incredible improvements since he began working with Jordan. Not only has he improved academically, but his confidence in the classroom has grown!
-Stacy C.

Jordan has done a wonderful job in working with our 8th grader.  He has forged a caring and supportive relationship with her, which has given her the space to grow not only academically, but also as a person.  His techniques and methods have been effective in addressing her learning challenges. If you are looking for someone to support your child in reaching their fullest potential, we would definitely recommend going with Jordan at Awakening Potential.
-Jennifer N. and Pearse U.

Our son struggled in school and by 5th grade he was struggling to stay at 2’s and 3’s (below average and average) in grades. In late fall we noticed that our son was displaying signs of Dyslexia and while we waited for official diagnosis we hired a tutor that specializes in Orton Gillingham approaches to reading. That is when we found Jordan. Within weeks we already started noticing a different in our son’s ability to read.  By Spring our son was now getting 3’s and even 4’s on his grades and report card. Because of Jordan our son became a more fluent reader, speller, and gained a whole new confidence in his abilities to read. Our son is now in 6th grade and he received the honor roll in his first quarter at school.  This wouldn’t have been attainable for our son if it weren’t for Jordan.  His work with our son has made our son grow leaps and bounds in reading. We can’t thank him enough!
-Deahna V.

Jordan was able to develop a solid relationship with our son while engaging him in new literacy concepts that allowed him to become a stronger reader.  Our daughter she was able to gain solid math strategies that will serve her well in school and confidence that will support her as a lifelong learner.
-Kelly B.