What is the Purpose of Assessment?

A child is much more than a test score, regardless of what type of assessment is used. At Awakening Potential, assessments are not created to ‘grade’ or ‘score’ the student.  The real purpose of an assessment is to help the Learning Coach understand the needs of the student.  By understanding their strengths and areas for potential growth, lessons can be planned to best meet the student’s needs.

The First Session

The first session will serve as an introduction and get-to-know-you, as well as a chance for me to give an informal assessment to the student (please be sure to complete the New Student Form so that I can best prepare the assessments beforehand).  An informal assessment is designed to identify target areas and skills where the student has strengths and potential for future growth. No scores or grades will be assigned-however I will have a clear idea of what we will focus on, and what strategies to employ for the rest of our sessions.

Do I Really Need an Assessment?

Often times the information provided on the New Student Form can be enough to guide the initial lessons, while ongoing assessment (observation and insight from the Learning Coach) will determine the instruction moving forward.  This is an option if you would not like to have the informal assessment. Otherwise, please read about the types of informal assessment I use to get an idea of the format for the different assessments.

If you are interested in more formal testing (such as to determine precise grade level scores, to diagnose for dyslexia, etc.) please let me know and I can refer you to a qualified professional who performs psycho-educational assessments.

If you are interested in setting up your initial session, the please fill out the New Student Form and we can get started!