Everyone has the potential for greatness. Just like a jewel buried in the Earth, we all have within us the potential for success. All we need is someone to help us discover all of the amazing possibilities that lie within us. This is where the Learning Coach comes in. The role of the Learning Coach (tutor), is to help the student see their own potential. To assist them in changing their identity from someone who struggles with a subject into someone who is capable of succeeding. Eventually, the student can come to view themselves as a Learner who is able to master the challenges that they face. This is the guiding principle at Awakening Potential, regardless of the subject being learned. My goal is to help students awaken their potential for learning success!


This world is a magical place, and the process of learning is the amazing adventure we take when we embark on mastering a new subject or skill.  As a Learning Coach, I take great joy in assisting my students on their path of discovery.


My goal is to help every student uncover their unique identity as a learner.  Together, we walk the path to realizing their full potential, and create a future that is full of possibility.



If you are interested in starting Learning Coaching services, please fill out the New Student Form. Feel free to check out my teaching methods and how I use technology with my students. You can also learn more about what a Learning Coach is and why you should choose Awakening Potential to help your child achieve learning success. Home school support is available as well. Check out the payment plans to learn about which option is right for you.

Thank you for choosing Awakening Potential, and I look forward to helping your child reach their full potential!